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Friday, June 10, 2005

New Forum for Jazz Authority!!!

Check out our new forum! Jazz Authority has a second blog now, where we can all interact in a forum setting too (and check out the chatroom).

Simply register for free (by creating your own blog) and post away! Unfortunately you can neither view or post on the threads if you're not a registered member. There will be many questions (and answers to them) posted there in the near future.

Thankfully, this new addition to the Jazz Authority community is completely and entirely pop-up and spam free.

Watch for a bigger & better Jazz Authority forum coming in the next few weeks!



Michael J. West said...

So are you going to move away from this blog and concentrate on the new? Or are you going to keep working on both?

Cameron W said...

I intend to focuss my energy on this blog, but I'd really like to have a forum to add to what I hope will someday become the "JAZZ AUTHORITY EMPIRE". There's no use running... the jazz authority will hunt everyone down like the dogs they are and school them on the ways of the empire...

Or maybe I'll just do this for a while as a hobby. Either way it'll be fun.
Glad to know you're interested in my site.