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Monday, June 20, 2005

Busking for Big Bucks

When I was about 15 years old I started busking back in my home town. It was a tourist town, and in the summer I could make easy money playing my sax on the street corner. In some towns busking (or street performing) is strictly regulated, but no matter where one does it, they have to learn the basic buskers code of conduct.
Don't set up near some other cat and drown him out. He'll come back the next day and do it to you, and no one makes any cash with bad karma like this.
Slip a buck to the guy who's playing before you. If you're waiting for his spot, he'll notice, and the crowd notices when other people put cash in a hat/case. He'll do the same for you one day, guaranteed.
Be nice to the panhandlers. You don't need to, but on those late nights when there aren't many people around it's nice to know that you have friends on the street and not enemies.
There are more guidelines, but I won't get into it now. Thinking of busking? Learn the theme to the Pink Panther. That was my money song, and it'd make me big money so I played it all the time. I've come to hate it now, and the store keepers used to pay me to NOT play it. That crap gets old fast.

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