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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Green Party Candidate

Tonight I officially became a candidate for the Green Party of Canada.

I will be representing the green party as a federal candidate, and I know that this will be a learning experience.

I have little political background, but what's more important than that is that I have an extensive 'green' background, and I'm serious about this opportunity.

Obviously this means that I'll be very busy with my campain, preparing for the (probable) spring election. You will probably see about one monthly post out of me, and as always, you can e-mail me directly if you wish to get in touch.

For those of you who are curious, below are some links to sites, including a few green party pages.


Green Party of Canada
(a f-a-s-t growing party)
Alberta Green Party
(I'll be a local hero...)
Party Platform Comparison Chart
(see how they compare to the GREYS)
Green Party Review
(a green party blog)
Land Advocate Group
(an independant Alberta watchdog)
Canada West Foundation

Adbusters magazine

Info Wars

Dig the last two - they're very interesting.

Trust me... I'm a politician.