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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Moon Trane Goon

Well, here's a chart you don't see every day. Think Larry Young on organ, Woody Shaw on trpt, Joe Henderson on sax and Elvin Jones on drums. This is a great chart.

Here's an idea; when blowing over Maj7+11 chords play a II/V pattern starting with the root of the two chord set a minor 3rd below the root of the chart chord, the Maj7+11. For example, over D Maj#11 play Bmin/E7. The sound is forward-moving and it's easier to blow longer lines this way.


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Friday, April 29, 2005

changed controls... now u can post comments...

Well I'll be a mokeys uncle. I forgot to change the default settings so that anyone can post replies/comments on this blog. Now it's set up properly, so go nuts, like these free jazz cats did.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sax Instruction

Well, so far I haven't directly bothered to create any mind blowing lesson type posts. That'll come in time. I wanna put some stuff here on pentatonics, chord substitution, slash chords, triad patterns, etc, etc, etc. For now we'll just get everyone up to speed on the basics. the links below should have something of value for you... (a great site. very informative.)

That's the basics and more. Reply back if you have a specific topic that you want to see covered.


Links! Links! Links!

Mostly jazz related links here. I've checked out some of them, but not all. I didn't put them here so you could stare at them. Click on the freakin' links!!! (Steely Dan info... Dig the Dan, Man) (check out the forum - great info there) (multiphonics for alto... and maybe tenor) (sax mouthpiece facings specs) (damn, those are some nice horns!!!)

So, there are some random links to keep you busy. I did check them out. No pop ups, good content, fun stuff.



Well, I always have been ambitious, and I don't like to let people down, so I'm not going to say just how many tunes I plan to post here. I have an extensive collection of hard to find charts and hope that they can be of use to someone out there. I might get to posting one or two a week. In fact, if I could post more than one at a time I'd upload a whole whack of 'em right now.

Anyways, I should mention that if you mention that there is sheet music here to the wrong person they may get paranoid and try to shut it down. Or maybe I'm paranoid.

At least these are original tunes ;-)

Who'd have a problem with me posting low res jpegs of my own version of non-copyrighted public domain tunes?

Eh?!? lol

-- Find more sheet music at 8notes.
-- And the amazing mutopia project. <--- now dig that site!!!
-- And lots of sheet music sites (some free) listed here .
-- Yeah, so I'm lazy. Go here if you want a basic jazz theory and improv primer.

I got off topic. Who cares.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Me and my Mark VI

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So this is me. I had a relative take this image with a 3.2 megapixel camera. I did some touchups with Adobe Photoshop and ended up with a good quality image that was printable at a size of 8x10. This is just a low res copy that I used above for my bio pic, but I thought I'd put it here and ask if anyone else has done any do-it-yourself bio projects that turned out to be successful. That includes home recording demo CD jobs - what hardware/software has everyone used? I found a great audio program for free on the net called 'Audacity'. If you need a good audio recording and editing program you should check it out.

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