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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Welcome To The Jazz Authority!

Hello. I am here to share some of my wisdom regarding music in general, and specifically subjects that include: jazz, music theory, improvisation, saxophone technique, productive practice and rehearsals, and insights with other genres including Ska, Surf, Blues, Rock, Metal, etc.
I'm not here to boost my ego or show everyone how much I know. Knowledge is power, but wisdom is the key to opening the door to that power. What I'm trying to say - with weak analogies - is wise up and read on you feeble minded infidels! (just kidding : )

This blog is here to aid and assist those who seek to further their understanding of the world of music, and to be a receptacle for my 'flushable blatherings'.

So, if you wanna stay on top of your $#!T, keep checking back with this site. I'll be posting here at least once a day, and as this can be interactive, you should give me some feedback on the subjects covered. I enjoy a good debate too, so bring it on if you disagree with me and wanna get schooled.

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