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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another Forum?!? What For?!?

Well, I couldn't resist. I want a good forum for us to get together, and I figure the best way to find a good free one is to create a few and pick the most popular one after a few months.

So here's our newest addition to the Jazz Authority empire (yes, I have delusions of grandeur) and it's provided for free by bravenet webhosting. This service doesn't come without a cost though - every time we come here now we get a pop-up. As much as I hate that, these are harmless pop-ups that can be easily closed. If it really bothers you, let me know. I WILL get rid of the services that are causing pop-ups if it means that you won't just give up on us.

So like I said, it's new forum, and the link to it can be found at the left under the 'archives' section. You'll need a code to post there and the code word is jazzauthority so go there and post your questions and/or answers.

Call me crazy, but there will be more on this forum subject...

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