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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gettin' It Together

I had the opportunity to host the Malaspina Jazz Jam at the Queens last night. I was invited by drummer Adam Cormier (the jam host band leader) and we played with Ken Lister and Pat Coleman. A fellow by the name of Steve (last name Smith, I think) sat in on keyboards.

Ken and Pat are local heavies and I was very honored to have the opportunity to play with them. Adam is a young up and coming drummer who's music is very mature, energetic and interactive. Interestingly, he's studying with an old highschool classmate of mine, Jesse Cahill. I will be back to the venue to jam, and hope to perform with that band again in the near future.

One thing I noticed was that after years of playing only R&B, blues & rock, my jazz chops were a little dusty. Rather than get down on myself, I'm going to tackle this opportunity to improve my playing and expand on my song repertoire. I have a lot of time available to shed these days, and there is no shortage of great jazz players here in Nanaimo.


PhillyJo Shinbone said...

I lived in Nanaimo for several years. I played at the Queen's Hotel many times. I now work for Princess cruises and travel around the world playing loungy crooner jazz. Sometimes I miss Nanaimo so much it hurts. The scene there is unlike anything I've found anywhere else.

The vast majority of the Cats out there are players y'know? They don't pose, they have no pretensions, they just get out and wail. Their honesty and dedication are a breath of fresh air.

How many times have you seen a cat that has the look, the best gear, the right connections and can't "play come to Jesus in whole notes"? Those cats are the antithesis of Nanaimo Musicians. Most of the players in Nanaimo need to get the Hell out of Nanaimo and share their gifts with the rest of the world.

Cameron W said...

Yeah, there are some serious players out here. Vancouver and Victoria too.

I'm considering finishing my music degree at Malaspina. It depends on available funds. Not only would it allow me to pursue a career in music instruction, it would be super fun and rewarding.

I've had friends do the cruise ship thing. I'd enjoy it, but I have a young son so it'll have to wait until he's older.

I'm really glad I made it out here, and Nanaimo has been a surprisingly great music scene.