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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Still Playing... & Campaigning

Well, I sure have been delinquent in my efforts here at my jazz blog. With the recent update to the new blogger version I'm putting a little extra time into my Green Party blog, and I thought maybe I should post here as well.

I'm still playing in my rhythm & blues/classic rock band here but it's not very fast paced. I'm partly to blame; I could help chase down gigs but I'm far more focussed on taking care of business with the federal Green Party. Things would be a lot different if I was back in the big city.

I have a very keen sax student. The kid is really on the ball and I'm enjoying teaching. I miss having multiple students and teaching jazz improvisation. One day if this student sticks with it maybe we'll be jamming together.

Anyways, as always the archives are here for you to browse and I'm always available to answer questions by email.



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