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Saturday, July 23, 2005

LISTENING to music

It surprises me sometimes when I meet someone who doesn't know how to listen carefully to someone or something. It takes practice and a trained ear to be able to pick out what chords and/or voicings are being played in a jazz show or recording, but the average person SHOULD be able to recognize the difference between a cymbal and a snare drum, a sax and a trumpet, a high note and a low note. This isn't always the case, and it's the times when I'm with these infidels that I'm glad I'm not a violent person.



Michael J. West said...

Really? You meet people who can't tell the difference between a sax and a trumpet? Maybe they should see a doctor....

Cameron W said...

...or a city. I'm living in a small prarie town of 8000. Most of the locals have never even been outside of Alberta, and jazz music is never ever played. Ever.

Sadly, I've found myself succumbing to the 'big fish in a little pond' syndrome, where one starts to think that they are the best around and that's all that matters. While I am, that is of little relevance to the 'outside' world, where serious players are sharpening their teeth on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, I try to explain to my friends how to listen to just the drums in a tune... *sigh*
I guess this is what it's like anywhere. I'm just another jazz cat, marching on in the name of jazz awareness.

Michael J. West said...

Jazz awareness is a worthy cause, my friend...I've got your back as you march on in its name.

Part of me wonders whether I should make this point, but...well...there's a certain longstanding jazz tradition that may help your friends listen to just the drums in a tune. Yes sir, I speak of...marijuana. ;-)